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Some testimonials on the treatment of eczema with Pso Natura treatments

We believe it is important to also share with you our customers' eczema testimonials on the use of Pso Natura treatments, including Regulatory Complex. Don’t hesitate to testify as well. Just send us a message from our section Contact.

Also consider making before and after photos. By committing to this, you can directly benefit from a reduction on your next order. 

Opinion on the Pso Natura regenerative complex

Redness and itching

The Pso Natura Complex is great!

I have sun intolerance on my neck and décolleté following my many years of exposure to the sun. The slightest prolonged sun causes a atopic eczema. I tried an antihistamine for allergies, and La Roche Posay copper cream to replenish the epidermis. The eczema won't go away and it itches. The Pso Natura foaming treatment is great. Once the redness caused by using the loofah in the shower has passed, the next day my skin becomes supple again and no longer itches. A true miracle!!!!
Nathalie C.50 years old.

Chronic eczema

I have chronic eczema that is made worse by stress. When I'm stressed, it itches, I scratch unfortunately, and spots appear. Until now, apart from traditional treatments and antihistamines which I tolerated less and less, I had not found a less harmful solution. Pso Natura has changed the game. 

It has not cured my eczema, but in the 6 months that I have been using it, I no longer have or almost no itching, so the rashes disappear more quickly, because I am not tempted to scratch them as much as before. . I also use your treatment as a “preventative” 1 to 3 times a week in the shower, and more regularly during times of stress. This is great, thank you.
Régine A – St Sauveur s/Ecole (77)

Varicose eczema

I am 58 years old and have had varicose eczema localized on the lower part of my right leg for many years. After numerous treatments, including surgery (saphenous stripping), I do not see any improvement: plaque, spreading lesion, pruritus, peeling of the skin, induration and brownish skin on the periphery of the affected area. 

The consequences are multiple: aesthetic problem, nights and social life disrupted by itching. After 2 months of using your products I am better able to eliminate scales, my skin is more supple, episodes of itching, without having completely disappeared, are less frequent. Particularly motivated, I will continue this method for some time...

Result of treatment for eczema in a child

I first used Pso Natura on my psoriasis. Given the results with your 100% natural product and after an exchange of emails and your advice, I also tested it on the skin of my 4 year old daughter who has eczema. It's incredible, she almost doesn't itch anymore.
Lara V – Fort de France

Redness and itching

“This is the second time I have used your soft shampoo “anti-eczema” and the results so far are quite satisfactory. The itching has greatly reduced and the “dandruff” effect has lessened… To summarize, your products seem to be of excellent quality.”

Review of Pso Natura Rich Cream

For a 4 year old child

“I ordered you some time ago the Creme Riche for my 4 year old boy who has suffered from eczema since he was little. Your cream is fantastic, her skin has never been so soft and supple. It doesn't stop him from having eczema attacks, but thanks to your cream his skin is in better condition so the eczema is “less” aggressive.”