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Psoriasis testimonials on Pso Natura

Give your opinion on Pso Natura treatments, for example on the Pso Natura Regenerative Complex, is an act of generosity towards others. It allows everyone to form their own opinion, to recognize themselves in a situation mentioned. We have all been looking for a real natural solution for psoriasis! In addition to the psoriasis testimonials, you can also consult the results of the clinical studies on psoriasis

Psoriasis testimonials Pso Natura Complex

Visible improvements after 5 days

It was very quick to see positive effects, after 5 days. Indeed much less scabs on the forehead, at the hairline and on the face. It is the twice-daily 'cleaning' that is to blame. You need to lather well and wait a few minutes. As for moisturizing the skin right after, I had to use a different moisturizer than the one suggested. All this to say that yes the treatment works. 

Brigitte Rochel

Disappearance of scales in 2 weeks

I have one mild psoriasis in several places on the body which has evolved a lot in 25 years, from a few circles the size of confetti to more substantial plaques. Before, with treatment prescribed by a dermatologist, the plaques disappeared (leaving traces, discolored and always rough skin) only to return again, on increasingly large areas.

I have also tried several natural treatments without success. Your treatment allowed me to get rid of all the scales in 2 weeks, the skin gradually returned to the same color as that which is healthy. I continue to lather the paste in the shower but without the glove, which is too irritating*, and apply the cream daily.

In remission from psoriasis

For the moment, everything is going well, no reappearance of the plaques. I have already renewed the treatment and I plan to renew it for a while. I am really happy to have found a natural and effective solution and I thank you for it.

Significant improvement in psoriasis in 7 days

Hello, I started applying Pso Natura 7 days ago and there is a clear improvement in the appearance of my skin all over my body. I don't dare believe it and yet it's a reality. Thank you !
Jacques T. – NOGENT SUR MARNE (94)

Pso Natura, the miracle solution!

I admit to being pleasantly surprised by the effect of the ointment on my psoriasis; from the first use, the itching has disappeared and the plaques are reduced. I have already prepared my advertising propaganda around me to talk about the effects on my friends' psoriasis.

Odile. V

Psoriasis: spectacular results

I am very very satisfied with your products. On the other hand, it's a shame, actually, I didn't do a before/after, but it's spectacular ! I didn't like taking photos of my lesions at all, I tended to hide them. After 45 years of psoriasis I wear shorts and short sleeves without complexes: it's not bad at 55!!! And that changes your life! Thank you for that!!!

Chemistry = 0; Kind = 1

I discovered Pso Natura last November, in Mauritius where we went to visit our daughter, who works for the tropical branch of Laboratoires LM Natura. Remembering that I had dry patches on both elbows and my right knee (definitely psoriasis according to the founder: find the testimony of Sylvie Meliet), she suggested I try the Foaming Regenerative Complex.

Psoriasis for 25 years

It has been more than 25 years since these plaques appeared and grew a little. I had tried a whole bunch of very chemical products, without any effect. Maybe they prevented it from spreading... It was without any real conviction that I started the treatment for at least a month, massaging as indicated in the instructions, for about thirty seconds on each plate, morning and evening.

I was amazed!

Well, despite the unappealing color of the product, and its strange smell, I was... amazed: after a week, an attenuation began to appear, and currently, a month later, there is almost nothing left. There, I have to say: chemistry = 0; nature = 1.

I can only recommend this product. Currently, all that is needed is maintenance, still daily of course, but which will gradually decrease. Note that at the knee for example, hair is starting to grow back!
Robert Ferraris – Attignat (01)

Skin smoothed and free of scales!

I wanted to thank you for your involvement which is so beneficial to people who suffer from psoriasis. I have had psoriasis for 30 years and only your products relieve me. I no longer have scales, my skin is smooth, certainly with white marks but at least my skin is no longer scaly and inflammatory!

I'm going to talk to my pharmacist about it and try to convince him to get products from your laboratories. I plan to promote the benefits of your products to other people suffering from skin problems. Best wishes. AND ABOVE ALL A BIG THANK YOU!

Free from psoriasis!

I have been a customer for a little over a year, and wanted to thank you wholeheartedly for your care which finally allowed me to get rid of psoriasis which had been ruining my life for over 25 years!

Surprising results

I discovered Pso Natura by chance in a Version Femina press article sent by my mother-in-law. After a first partial trial (I had maintained my cortisone treatment and was testing without much conviction), I decided to stop all my treatments and try a 1% natural approach.

Quick results

By applying the Pso Natura treatment morning and evening, to my great surprise, I very quickly noticed positive results: no more itching or scales, smoother skin, gradual disappearance of lesions. I was quickly able to space out the applications, and after a few months, my psoriasis had completely disappeared. 

Of course, I always have new outbreaks of pso, but they are controlled with a few applications on the body or a few shampoos for the scalp.

Easy application

Being able to apply the treatment quickly in the shower was a real plus, associating for the first time the treatment with a moment of well-being rather than a chore and a daily waste of time.

Suffering from diffuse but very bothersome psoriasis since I was 10, on the body and scalp, I had tested almost all possible treatments (Vitamin D-based creams, tar baths, puvatherapy, creams based on cortisone, hypnosis, etc.). Without much success apart from a strong addiction to cortisone, requiring ever-increasing doses, and accompanied by a very worrying weakening of the skin.

My psoriasis today

Today psoriasis no longer governs my clothing choices, my choice of activities... I find it difficult to understand that no one spoke to me earlier about your products, that no dermatologist is aware of them, despite of your very convincing clinical studies.

In parallel with the application of Pso Natura treatments, I became interested in Naturopathy to improve my diet and in meditation to reduce daily stress. Thanks again,

For me and my podiatry patients

I have had psoriasis on different parts of my body for over 7 years now. On the scalp, in the eyebrows, behind the ears. At times I would scratch myself until I bled. I was on cortisone.
4 years ago, I decided to use the Regenerative Complex during crises. It changed my changed my life!

My hair is impeccable, my skin is sublime, baby skin. I also had psoriasis on the sacrum. Scratching all night, sitting up the next day was problematic. But that’s a thing of the past today thanks to the Complex.

I practice the most beautiful job in the world: podiatric care

I can tell you that I have quite a few patients suffering from psoriasis or eczema. I am delighted to be able to recommend Pso Natura to them. The evolution on their feet is radical. So I want to thank you.
Marie, Belgian

Psoriasis testimonial after 1 month

I wanted to testify after a good month of using the Pso Natura Complex, I only use the treatment once a day, in the shower, and, the shampoo, every 3 or 4 days, because asthma causes effort limits my mobility!

After a week, the development of scales stops ; gradually, reduction of plaques, less itching, smoothing of the skin.

After a good month of use

Plates have disappeared, the skin has turned pale pink again, and, very soft to the touch (I'm 64 years old!). On the head, everything has disappeared, to the great surprise of my hairdresser!, who has quite a few clients affected by this illness, and will talk about it to those around her. There are still patches on the ankles, which are more difficult to regress. How lucky to have known you.

Michel R from 88

Response from the LM Natura team 

We recommend using Pso Natura Complex initially, twice a day for impeccable results. Generally, once a day is not enough.

Solution for psoriasis on the soles of the feet, palmar-plantar psoriasis

Hello, I am over 60 years old and have almost always had bad psoriasis on my feet and joints. After decades of generally unsuccessful attempts, I finally have my natural and effective solution with the Pso Natura Complex.

I can wear shoes correctly again, I no longer suffer. I use it regularly because my heels and soles are tough. I buy 2 jars a year and I live again!
Françoise F – Dijon

Relieve psoriasis on the hands (palmar-plantar psoriasis)

We received your Pso Natura product in Morocco and we started the treatment of psoriasis. I admit that we are already obtaining results which are progressing towards the disappearance of traces of psoriasis and we are finally seeing the real skin of the hands. It's been a year since this illness started. We follow the advice given in the instructions.

Khalid, the brother of patient Hassan. Morocco

Plaque psoriasis: extremely rapid improvement

Before starting the first treatment, I presented with red psoriatic plaques with scales mainly on the legs and thighs.

Since the implementation of the treatment, the improvement has been extremely rapid over a fortnight without recurrence. I faithfully continue my applications because my skin is pleasantly hydrated, soft and uniform in its complexion. I got used to its light scent which fades quickly.
Ms. MH

Relief from my psoriasis

Thank you so much. There is a lot of improvement, my husband cannot do without it, the treatment does him a lot of good, less itching and quite a few plaques have disappeared. He does the treatment every day in the shower but he has no illusions, he knows that he will never be cured.

Plates almost completely bleached

It is for my 9 year old daughter that I ordered Pso Natura products. She had to psoriasis all over the body, mainly the trunk.

I found the treatment in a pharmacy and very quickly we could see a clear improvement. However, she agreed to continue the treatment twice a day for barely 2 weeks.

Since then she has continued once a day, it's been a month. She still has spots of psoriasis, but much less extensive and barely pink, whereas it was bright red!! On the other hand, we couldn't use the loofah sponge, too abrasive for her young skin. Instead, we use a much softer konjac sponge. Seeing the undisputed effectiveness (see our clinical studies), I ordered the shampoo from you and there too, we see a clear improvement. To be continued! Thank you for these products.

A. Gaudin

Response from the LM Natura team

For sensitive skin, sometimes theloofah sponge is too abrasive. Choose the white, 100% cotton side or apply the Complex directly with your fingers at the beginning. In other cases, it may be due to too much pressure with the loofah sponge. It is necessary to exfoliate but of course without attacking the skin.

Pso Natura, it works!

The results are beyond my expectations, it is a pleasure to be able to provide t-shirts and short-sleeved shirts, I am very happy and happy to have ordered your product. I am very happy.

The skin is smooth, the plaques are less and less visible, less annoying in everyday life.

You gave me a smile and incomparable well-being. I am no longer afraid of how others look at me.
Francisco Dos Santos – Meaux

Psoriasis in a swimsuit…

I have ordered the regenerating complex from you twice now, which works very well in the summer… I am very happy with it for the summer because I can afford to wear a swimsuit bath.

Virginie LESSARD – Douvrin


Great natural treatment for psoriasis

The treatment is very satisfying for me, in fact, I was very embarrassed to expose this problem to my colleagues and working in a professional environment.

I am in contact with the public, my psoriasis is located on my elbows, I couldn't wear clothes with short sleeves during summer periods.

Thanks to your products and this famous Carapa procera oil, this year I'm having a wonderful summer. THANKS.

The only product that does good for my skin...

Hello, this is now the 3rd time that I have ordered the Regenerating Complex and I am still very satisfied with it! It's the only product that does good for my skin with alternating my ointment for psoriasis and 2 UV sessions.

After 1 month everything practically disappeared., if it reappears I just have to start the treatment again a few days and it's practically good. In short, I recommend it for people like me who want to wear a dress or swimsuit in the summer!

Marie S – Longjumeaux

Psoriasis on the elbows: extraordinary treatment

I confirm that the product I ordered from you and which I use regularly has been fantastic for me!

I have had psoriasis on my elbows for many years (around forty years now) and no treatment was effective and even on the contrary now caused inflammation most of the time!

This regenerative complex has been extraordinary for me, I have almost no marks left and can live without complexes with short sleeves again! Thank you so much ! It’s a very good treatment that I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend of course!!


I used the regenerating complex in combination with the moisturizer (and also a little UV) following facial psoriasis.

The results were very positive after about a week ; I subsequently used the cream alone daily because of its calming and moisturizing properties.

Today, my psoriasis is no longer visible, but I continue to use the cream regularly as a preventative measure.


Psoriasis testimonials Pso Natura Rich Restructuring Cream

The Rich Cream effective in calming the itching of psoriasis

I can say that I am very satisfied with the rich restructuring cream, in fact it is very effective in calming the daily itching of psoriasis. I also combine the regenerating complex with the cream. It takes about 1 1/2 months for occasional breakouts in the form of drops to fade and disappear.

I also have a permanent plaque on my leg where I use both products but the effects are limited to preventing the plaque from thickening and scaling a lot and to calming the itching which is already important. The plaque is not decreasing but I continue the treatment because for the moment it is the best product for me. Only UV rays are effective in making plaques disappear, but they cannot be overused.
Anne Palaniak

A marked improvement in psoriasis and less itching

I use your rich restructuring cream and I have already noticed a clear improvement and, above all, less itching. I use the product 1 to 2 times a day and above all I reduce my prescribed treatment more and more, I am winning.

I also bought your shampoo, which I have been using for several months and it is indeed very effective. I recommended your product to my sister who also has scalp psoriasis and hopes to see results very quickly.
Mrs. R.

A cream so rich that it helps fill cracks, psoriasis in the hands

Since I have been using your restructuring cream based onCarapa procera oil, the cracks in my hands have reduced considerably and my skin is much less dry.
Rene G.

Excellent texture and excellent results, on nail psoriasis

Excellent cream. I like everything: the texture, the smell and the effectiveness. Quickly absorbed, very nourishing and calming cream. Excellent results ALSO on my ridged, fragile nails. Finally I'm starting to have long nails. No specific nail treatment has moisturized my nails with this effectiveness and very quickly.

Not sold for nails but remarkable moisturizing effect to highlight. Several times a day I also use it for hand and nail care. DELIGHTED.
Danielle C.

A natural alternative for psoriasis and dry skin

The cream does good and perfectly replaces chemical cream and minus its negative effects! It really soothes the itching, I no longer scratch. and we really feel its natural composition.

However, no miracle effect for me: it has not improved my pso by making it disappear, it remains at the same level.

More beautiful skin without traces of psoriasis in just a few days

I use this cream (for my daughter) on the contour of the face and eyebrows, some redness immediately after application, it fades quite quickly… the end of the day I can note the effectiveness of the cream, there skin is more beautiful, no more traces of psoriasis….in a few days…
Line M

I recommend++.
patrick c.

Really effective.
Marie-therese a.

Very good.
Nicole p.

Very good product.


Psoriasis testimonials Dermatological Shampoo

Visible results from the first application

I started treatment with the shampoo two weeks ago. From the first shampoo I felt a clear improvement in the itching. I felt like the shampoo had nourished my scalp and I felt well hydrated.
Marion. R

Relief after using Pso Natura Shampoo

Suffering from psoriasis on the scalp for around 15 years, I was treated for some time with KETODERM cream which no longer worked. The treatment since November with your shampoo seems to have positive effects. So, to be continued.
Christian. D

Psoriasis shampoo: immediate soothing of the scalp

For the past few weeks, I have been using the shampoo and from the first application I felt a soothing of the scalp and above all significantly less fatty bases in certain places. So I’m excited! Also, I only feel the need to wash my hair after 3-4 days whereas before it was after 2 days.

Once a week I mix coarse salt with the shampoo for a peeling/scrubbing effect and the absence of itching is prolonged. So very good product that I recommend!

Shampoo: improvement from the first days

I must say that I am satisfied with this product which, after 3 applications, has Significantly reduces psoriasis plaques and scales that I had on my scalp for several months. Now it has returned to almost normal, healthier and don't itch anymore.

In addition, my hair (very fine) is shinier and silkier (less dry). Finally, this gentle shampoo is pleasant to use, does not “strip” the scalp and has a pleasant scent.

Zero itching thanks to Pso Natura Dermatological shampoo

After some time testing your laboratory's shampoo for my psoriasis, I can tell you that I have no itching and as for the result, I have not yet had any truly conclusive results because I still have a lot of scale. , but I know it takes time so I will continue the treatment and see later.

The product has a good smell but it has a little difficulty in lathering, I have long hair although I do a first shampoo before.

Anti-psoriasis shampoo: recommend without hesitation

I bought your psoriasis shampoo for my husband. Although he only washes his head every other day, he seems happy with the results. Ihe no longer scratches his head and the scabs disappear. I'm also going to look on your site for a leg product as it has patches that develop. 

I will recommend your products without hesitation and thank you very much.

Effective shampoo against psoriasis

I am indeed satisfied with the product purchased. I have been using your Pso Natura shampoo for 2 and a half weeks. I notice significant effects which soothe my scalp, reduce itching and remove marks.

No more itchy scalp and more relaxed

I followed the treatment as indicated (shampoo and capsules) and I am very satisfied. I no longer have itching, the scales have almost disappeared and my general condition is better. More relaxed, I am soothed and less anxious.


Scalp psoriasis and itching

It's a good product, of great quality, there's no denying it! I personally like it, and the color of the shampoo is very beautiful, a sort of waterfall of dark honey!

Mahera on his blog “Mahéra and its discoveries”.

Very effective in relieving scalp psoriasis

I was very pleasantly surprised by the shampoo, I leave it on while I shower and then rinse it out. It is really very effective in times of crisis (during 15 days every day).

It's been about a week since I switched to once or twice a week but I notice that the itching returns quickly so I try to do it every other day.

The dandruff has almost completely disappeared, which is very pleasant..

I also noticed how wonderful this shampoo is for my hair beyond my pso as I have curly hair.

I've been using natural or homemade products for several years now, and I was a little apprehensive about the results. And in the end it surpasses everything I have tried until today. It makes my curls very pretty, my hair very soft, I even think I will always keep it as a shampoo.

Effectiveness observed after only 1 week!

First of all I wanted to clarify that I ordered Pso Natura for my partner who has suffered from scalp psoriasis for a long time. As someone who suffers from a skin disease (Verneuil's disease) myself, I have observed over the years the ineffectiveness of traditional treatments and, sometimes worse, the appearance of new health problems.

So I try as much as possible to turn to more natural treatments and less medicine.

A very informative site

Looking for a product against my partner's psoriasis, the only site that appealed to me was yours, supported by the numerous testimonials that I took care to read before ordering.

So I preferred to wait for my partner to give me his impressions after a few days of treatment before giving you the following definitive opinion.

After the first use the improvement is already very visible compared to the usual shampoo, most of it is gone but you can clearly see that the plaques are trying to reform.

Very satisfactory results for scalp psoriasis

I use your products for scalp psoriasis and am completely satisfied with your products. My doctor now has your contact details and your platelet. Thank you for finding products that make my life easier!!!

Customer service and scalp psoriasis

First of all, thank you for your message, it is always pleasant to see that there is customer support which therefore implies the seriousness of Laboratoires LM Natura.

My psoriasis is mainly located on the scalp, after 1 week of treatment by washing my hair every day with your shampoo, I noticed a clear improvement, the redness subsides, the white roughness disappears.

There's still a lot of dander left but I persevere. This shampoo is very gentle and soothes my scalp.
Maryse C.

Scalp psoriasis

I would like to congratulate you on your products. This treatment was extraordinary. After 2 shampoos I had almost nothing on my head., there was nothing left in my arms after a week. There's still a little left on the legs but compared to what I had it's almost finished.

When I think of what I spent on visits to dermatologists with their chemicals! They were in fact feeding the evil which was growing every day. I really thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Josette D (60)

The most effective shampoo ever used on my dander

I have scales on my scalp, I can't really tell if it's psoriasis, but I've tried for years to treat them with different products, shampoos and corticosteroids. Seeing my children using Akno Natura products for their acne with great success, I tried the Shampoo.

In just a few days, all the dander is gone ! I'm delighted, I've never had anything so effective. Well done !
Mr A de S – Neuilly

After more than a week of use it is clear, the product is effective and is perfect for my friend's fragile hair, the hair is soft, shiny and I would rate that psoriasis plaques decreased by at least 70%, which by the way, does not exist in terms of effectiveness in traditional medicine.

As the treatment is not finished, I think there is a good chance of stopping the problem in 15 days, while continuing this shampoo for maintenance.

For me it's the right product, no doubt, the testimonies were promising and in turn, we can support them.


Effective and very gentle.

Odile M.

Other opinions on Shampoo and psoriasis

In testing for the moment but itching was calmed from the first shampoo.
Jacqueline B.

I have just started and I have less itching I think this shampoo is very effective.
Nathalie L.

Very satisfied with this shampoo which resolved my itching in a single application and which eliminated my psoriasis in a few days... A little expensive but I still recommend it because it is very effective, it has changed my life! 

Excellent product, I highly recommend it.
Chantal c.


Really reduces the itching, and the patches are less thick.
Frédérique B.

Effective quickly, helps to relieve itching.
Valerie M.

I recommend this product to people with scalp psoriasis, the result is obvious.
Chantal c.

Loyal clients

Very good shampoo, I am satisfied, that is why I order it regularly.

Practical bottle.
Nathalie g.

5 / 5
I am pleasantly surprised. The shampoo works very well.
Jean-Pierre F.

Too small bottle for such intensive first use but a good product.
Mann-aline s

monique k.

Good treatment.
Micheline s.

Psoriasis Testimonials Detox Capsules

I tried the capsules for 2 months. They have an appreciable general effect on nervousness and therefore on psoriasis. This is probably due to its indicated action on the liver. I recommend…
Hervé M.- Renno (20)

Effective, I have been using it for 1 1/2 years and my skin is doing better, recommend ++++.
patrick c.

These Detox and Zen capsules are perfect!!! Effective, practical to take. I also buy the shampoo and it is great!!!
Eliane G.

Good product, easy to use.
Marie Therese C.

Effective products.
Abdelaziz G.

A complement to topical treatment

The capsules are, I think, necessary in addition to external treatment, provided, for my part, that I do not stop it.
Veronique P.

Psoriasis testimonials Pso Natura range

Pso Natura, an effective treatment for gout psoriasis

A big THANK YOU for Pso Natura products! These really helped, along with acupuncture and a slightly modified diet, to help me reduce my psoriasis and finally, the enormous crisis that had been ruining my life for more than a year became muted (I had it everywhere, all over my body –gout psoriasis)!

I still have a few stubborn marks but they become whiter day by day under the combined effect of the Regenerating Complex and the rich restructuring cream.

A Complex/Cream duo

It's an excellent duo that I recommend to anyone who wants a gentle and natural alternative. For my part, regarding daily hydration, I alternate (every other day) the rich cream with another cream (like Avène or Roche Posay) and they complement each other very well.

I also use Pso Natura shampoo once a week, because I find that it really soothes. So, it’s definitely worth a try! I don't change my formula anymore.
Emma from Switzerland

Response from the LM Natura team 

We recommend daily application of the shampoo until the scales completely disappear. Then apply 2 to 3 times a week.

Natural treatment for gout psoriasis

I have guttate psoriasis, essentially on the legs and more moderately on the arms. I am finally free from all chemical treatment. I wanted to use a natural treatment. Here is my LM Natura treatment: Regenerative Complex, Rich Restructuring Cream and Pso Natura Detox & Zen Capsules.

This treatment must obviously be followed according to the advice given in the instructions. It’s a comfort and a pleasure. I highly recommend this treatment.
Edith Pacaux Rousseau

Really relieve psoriasis

Madam I have just received a new shipment of your products intended for the care of my 16 year old daughter Audrey. We were very satisfied with the effectiveness, and the total relief is there.
Mr Blanchard JL

Psoriasis since the age of 14-15

Hi everyone, I am 35 years old and I have to psoriasis since the age of 14-15. This started after desensitization against dust mites. No one has this disease in my family. I have since tried almost everything as a treatment and for about 5 years, II have guttate psoriasis all over my body and patches on my legs and elbows..

Like many, I have tried everything (classic treatment based on creams, bio-resonance, acupuncture, magnetism, etc.). The only treatment that gave me satisfaction is puvatherapy. I've done 5 cures in total in 6 years and I'm usually pretty much off the hook for 4 to 6 months. 

After having another puva treatment in June this year, the puva was barely finished when plaques reappeared.


I then tried the pso natura (complex), the shampoo and the moisturizer in the same range.

It's a real miracle! Almost everything has disappeared. I use it once a day all over my body (including face) and I was able to go to the beach this summer like any other person. Treatment is expensive but nothing is too expensive to try to get rid of this nasty disease that ruins your life.

I will keep you informed of developments, but in any case IT ALSO WORKS FOR CASES OF SEVERE PSORIASIS !! Thanks to the Mascarene labs.
Frédéric Ch – Switzerland


I ordered 4 treatments from your laboratory. At the start of the treatment, it worked since everything disappeared from the sick person's body, from their hair, but not 100%.

Lately, she has been witnessing a return of this disease which is beginning to invade her body again. So she called your lab, and she was able to understand that it's a chronic illness and it doesn't go away, so she's starting to freak out.

My question is, is it true that this disease has no cure and lasts for life?
A. BOUFI – Paris

Response from the Laboratoires Mascareignes team 

Indeed, psoriasis is a disease that cannot be cured; However, our treatment eliminates the symptoms and helps to space out the periods of regrowth.

I use your rich restructuring cream and I have already noticed a clear improvement and, above all, less itching. 1 to 2 times a day I apply the product and above all I reduce my chemical treatment more and more, I am winning.

I also bought your psoriasis shampoo, which I have been using for several months and it is indeed very effective. I recommended your product to my sister who also has psoriasis on the scalp.
Mr. B

Psoriasis: finally make peace with your body!

My treatment is going very, very well. I am glad. I was diagnosed with fairly extensive gout psoriasis (being gout) and refusing to use chemical treatments, I spontaneously turned to your products. While also paying attention to my diet at the same time, I take the capsules and the cream that you suggest. All combined, I feel better. It doesn't itch anymore, it doesn't sting me anymore.

Normal skin feeling

I have almost regained the feeling of my “normal” skin, it takes time. You have to be rigorous. Also accept what psoriasis has to say because in general despite heredity there are factors that we have “put in place” to facilitate this psoriasis.

But your products allow us to make peace with our body. What may seem tedious is ultimately a moment of relaxation. At least for me. So thank you. And for the skeptics YES it works!

Natural treatment for psoriasis

Hello, I have been using the star treatment as well as the shampoo from the Pso Natura range for 6 months now. I am very satisfied with the products and customer service […]

The results were very fast, so much so that I thought everything would disappear in no time... But that wasn't the case, it takes patience and perseverance. Because it’s true that it’s tedious to do it morning and evening, but it’s definitely worth it.

After 6 months some small patches that I had completely disappeared and the others have all diminished a lot and are much less visible to the point that it no longer bothers me...

No more unnecessary makeup

I wore makeup every day before starting the treatment and I stopped feeling obliged to do it quite quickly. If I do it now it's no longer out of obligation but out of pleasure. […]

Psoriasis testimony on shampoo

Concerning the shampoo I had no problem with it, I used it as recommended for the first 15 days daily and theeffectiveness was instantaneous. I already felt that the itching was soothed from the first shampoo. Today I use it twice a week now because once is a little tight for me and I almost no longer have itching and no more visible dead skin.

It's great because dead skin isn't super aesthetic but it's mainly because I lived with my hand in my hair to scratch myself. So it was really embarrassing but on top of that I put it everywhere… clothes, sofa…. I dirty the house less... it's stupid but these are details that add to the fact that it really relieves.

Conclusion of the psoriasis testimony

As a buyer, it took me a while to start purchasing your products because it represents a budget and the testimonials were useful to me. But I think that photos can help even more those interested in daring to place their first order.


You can ask questions regarding our Pso Natura treatment, visit the page Psoriasis questions.

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