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Treat pimples and imperfections naturally

What is acne?

Acne is a disorder of the pilosebaceous follicle which combines several well-identified anomalies:

- Over-production of sebum : it is a fatty secretion which is produced by the sebaceous gland, active under the influence of hormones produced by the testes and ovaries, androgens, and which begins before puberty.

- Obstruction of the follicular canal (the pores) thus preventing the normal elimination of sebum with the formation of micro cysts or blackheads.

- Inflammation due to the proliferation of microbial agents. It is often during adolescence that lesions appear affecting the face, chest and back.

To find out more about acne, its definition, its causes and its natural treatments, consult the section Acne information.

Stop pimples and imperfections!

The Akno Natura line offers an effective and natural treatment, based on plants, for the care of pimples on the face, of , shoulders or torso, as well as redness and skin imperfections.

It includes 1 product which also helps to fade scars related to pimples and imperfections. This treatment is equally suitable for combination to oily skin as well as for skin with imperfections such as juvenile, pregnancy or even adult skin.

Carapa procera oil is the basis of our formulations. It stimulates healing and helps revitalize the skin prone to imperfections, providing vitamins A, triterpenes and natural antioxidants. THE irritations and inflammations are soothed thanks to the intake of essential fatty acids. Its richness in linoleic omega 6 strengthens the skin's defenses.

For the natural treatment of acne, spots and imperfections, our Akno Natura treatment

Akno Natura Regulatory Complex

To help eliminate blemishes on the face or torso and prevent their reappearance. 100% natural treatment.

Treat acne on oily skin naturally

Oily skin is skin that produces too much sebum, this phenomenon is called “ seborrhea ". Various factors are the cause of this overproduction: stress, pollution, hormonal disorders and even climate change. The skin tends to shine, especially in the T zone (forehead, chin and nose), pores become clogged. She therefore has difficulty breathing and imperfections appear in various forms: blackheads, small pimples, comedones.

The most important thing for oily skin is a good cleaning, twice a day, as gentle as possible. Then comes thehydration because the fact that it is oily does not mean that it does not need to be hydrated, on the contrary. You just need to find the right daily care.

Favor the following concepts: “mattifying cream”, “regulating cream”, “sebo-regulating cream”, “non-comedogenic cream”. But ban long ingredient lists that hide harsh chemicals and/or won't allow the skin to breathe sufficiently. It is better to prefer plant-based treatments with regulatory properties.

In this context, an evening cleansing with the Akno Natura Regulating Complex, which will gently cleanse and exfoliate the skin while treating inflammation, is ideal. When you get up, clean the skin well then moisturize with a suitable cream.

oily skin acne
naturally treat acne in combination skin

Naturally treat acne in combination to oily skin

So-called “normal” skin, which has a consistent and balanced hydrolipid film, are rare. Most skin types, if not oily or dry, are combination.

On combination skin, T-zone is richer in sebaceous glands. It is on this oily area that imperfections and pimples will be located. On the other hand, other areas such as the temples, jawbones and cheekbones are either said to be “normal” or dry, which in the latter case can involve tightness and some redness.

For combination skin, the same treatment as for oily skin applies (cleansing, exfoliation, hydration), with the difference that the use of the Regulatory Complex will be more localized. This treatment is equipped with a small round loofah sponge, ideal for targeted application.

It is also important to moisturize the skin daily.

The natural remedy to treat dry skin and redness

Dry skin is skin that is lack of lipids. The paradox is that it is finer, without enlarged pores and more beautiful but it is less supple and therefore a source of discomfort, tightness and redness. The production of sebum is not significant enough to reconstitute the hydrolipidic film which protects it from external aggressions.

The tightness and small fine lines of dry skin require rich hydration in the form of a fluid cream which will provide comfort and be a shield against external aggressions.

Dry skin is therefore generally not skin with spots, but rather skin with redness. The Regulatory Complex treatment can then be used as an emergency treatment and as a remedy against redness.

We dedicate a section in “Acne tips “, do not hesitate to consult it.

naturally treat dry skin imperfections

Natural adult acne treatment

For often hormonal reasons, young skin is oilier and therefore more prone to spots and imperfections.

Adulthood, skin is drier and dries out over time, hence the need to adapt the treatments used to your skin. People who have suffered from juvenile skin problems most often notice a change in their skin towards a “combination skin” type.

Many women also suffer from the appearance of spots during their periods, especially in the T zone. For this, the Regulatory Complex treatment is once again ideal, as a flash treatment.