LM Natura psoriasis natural treatment

Regenerative Complex

Helps to naturally relieve dermatitis, redness, itching

Eczema Cream

Helps relieve symptoms of redness, irritation and itching

Dermatological Shampoo

Helps restore a healthy, itchy-free scalp

Detox and Zen capsules

2 in 1 action to fight against stress and digestive disorders

Pso Natura eczema treatment, natural care

How to treat eczema naturally, without cortisone? What to do against it?

Eczema, whether it is atopic ou of contact is a dermatitis often linked to an allergy problem. Like psoriasis, this skin condition affects between 2,5% and 5% of the population.

Eczema is a skin disease, a type of dermatosis which may be itchy or dry, characterized by inflammation not contagious of the epidermis. Doctors and specialists then speak of dry eczema or itchy eczema. It is accompanied by pruritus, redness, scaling, itching, even fine vesicles. See more : Eczema Information about the causes, symptoms, different types of eczema and existing natural eczema treatments for eczema.

How to calm and relieve eczema? 

There are several natural eczema treatments for redness and itching, however LM Natura treatments are known to be particularly effective.




Natural eczema treatment for redness, itching

To effectively treat redness, itching and skin imperfections, 3 essential qualities are necessary. They are present in our treatments which have properties: 


for suffering skin
anti inflammatory cream

Regenerating and healing

for skin disorders
regenerating cream


against itching
Soothing cream


The Pso Natura Complex is the flagship natural treatment of this range. It helps to remove marks from the skin. Its action is reinforced by the application of the Rich Moisturizing Cream. Only one contraindication: in the case of purulent wounds, the bactericidal qualities of the treatment lead to an unpleasant tingling. This is why it is better to use the treatment on skin without wounds.

The Dermatological Shampoo, for its part, is specifically aimed at scalp problems.

The capsules complement the treatment as part of a holistic oral approach. They focus on acting on the cause of skin disorders. They act both to help detoxify the digestive system, as well as to relieve stress.

Discover all our tips for eczema 

Tips for allergy-related atopic eczema

Eczema, also called atopic dermatitis, generally causes significant itching, especially during an outbreak, as well as skin lesions. Since this type of eczema is often linked to an environmental or food allergy, it is advisable to:

– Remove allergenic foods from your diet. The best known are wheat, egg white, chocolate, nuts, fish, cow's milk.
– Make sure to ventilate your home for at least an hour a day and shake out your sheets daily.


Which plants to treat and relieve eczema?

Chemical products attack the skin and make it even more vulnerable. This is especially true for sensitive skin like that of babies and young children.
It is therefore interesting to look for more natural alternatives to chemical medicinal treatments. However, there is no miracle cure for eczema, for its treatment. A natural eczema treatment, like a medicinal treatment, will only eliminate the symptoms of the disease.

How to treat eczema (excema)? Eczema of the body, face, hands, eyelids or scalp, natural treatments

Many grandmother's recipes and natural remedies exist. We often cite the virtues of honey, baking soda, cider vinegar or essential oils to solve a lot of everyday problems. However, whether it is honey or any other food, the effect on eczema is generally quite inconclusive.

In the case of a skin condition like eczema, here are 4 plants offered by nature which can significantly relieve eczema, thanks to their virtues. Note that it is not possible to remedy the causes of eczema, but to act on the symptoms.